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Super-charge your Japanese study with fifteen minutes of daily practice.

Nihongo kata

Nihongo Kata is a website for people who are learning Japanese. It makes it easy and fun to practice your Japanese vocabularly so you can become fluent when you read or speak Japanese.

Remember what you learn

When you're learning Japanese it can be difficult to get enough practice to make it all stick if you're not immersed in the language. Regular practice keeps what you already know fresh, even if you aren't currently studying.

Nihongo Kata makes the most of your practice time by keeping track of what you need to revise and what you already remember.

Practice every day

With Nihongo Kata, you can turn Facebook time into practice time, by using the flashcards to practice reading and recalling Japanese vocabulary. Just ten or fifteen minutes a day can help you get the most out of your Japanese lessons.

It is simple to use on your computer, tablet or phone. Use it on the train, in a queue or while waiting for a friend.

  • Use flashcards to practice reading and recalling the vocabulary
  • Fill in the missing particles
  • Practice building sentences

Courses tailored for you

Find courses customized for the textbook that you are studying with, so you can follow along with what you're learning in your class. Our first course is for the minna no nihongo textbook.

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